About Air Purifiers and How its Work

Air Purifier Terms are trending these days and every one want to know what is Air Purifier and why we need that and it’s really work as name suggest and most important what was the working Properties of Air Purifier which make Our surroundings clean and Pure.

Air Purifiers :

In Simple words Air Purifier is mechanical Plus electrical device which takes Polluted air Inside and filter it with inbuilt Filters and Produces clean Air to it’s Surrounding . The whole device is called Air Purifier .

In other Practical way you know cooler hope every one knows and sees it .Air Purifier working is same like this But uses advanced technology ,sensors and filter to Give us fresh and Filtered air.

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Why we Need Air Purifier :

Yes this is Big Question why we need that may of us thinking what wrong with Natural air in which we breathing now days and what difference air Purifier makes .

Infographich why we need air Purifier ?


So let me clear your doubt once and all .Now days Our surroundings are filled with air Pollution which increase dangerous gases percentage in natural air which causing Humans mazor breathing problems like : ASTHMA , Allegics etc


This is increasing rapidly Because we are Breathing dangerous Gases and Air Pollution increased day by day mostly Problem coming in Cites because here More industries and Vehicles running than normal which are Polluting our air.

The best way to safe our health is to use Air Purifiers at home because at Home we live most of the time and during this time if we breath fresh and Pure air we are able to reduce All Mazor air Polluted Problems .

Do we need Air Purifier info graphics ?

So it is rapid growth of Air Purifiers in the market and Soon we have to adopt it so why Not from today because as early we breath fresh air that much we safe from air hazards.

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How Air Purifier works in Detail ?

Yup I Hope You get an idea why Air Purifier is necessary for all of us .Now lets talk about how air Purifier works .

Do air purifeir works inforgraphics

Air Purifier work on different technology and all are do same work that is clean our surrounding air and comes with medium to advances level benefits and according to price range .

What Technology used in air purifiers is the key of how much clean air you get below is the latest air Purifier technology which are available in the market right now.

  • HEPA Air Purifiers
  • Electrostatic Air Purifiers
  • Ozone Generator

Filter Technology which are Integrated in Air Purifiers .

  • Pre-Filters
  • Activated Carbon
  • Ultraviolet Light

Here is the Video for More detail and query about Air Purifiers hope you like it !


So guys that’s it ! for today .Hope You understand all about air Purifiers and how it’s work and which technology and filter using these days .If you have still any doubt or query ask me below we will try to solve and give you best air purifiers lists.



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